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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jillian Blye is a senior at NHS and is anything but ordinary. She is a really cool person who enjoys a variety of things. She is so much cooler than everyone else it puts others to shame.

Jillian has ALMOST DIED... when she tried to go parasailing the "pole on the boat broke" this "pole" was the only thing that would have kept Jillian from flying right off the boat had she been strapped onto the parasailing parachute. When asked about her past injuries "I have shin splints... they hurt really bad" pain is just weakness leaving Jillian's body because she is super tough and powered through her injury.

Jillian enjoys long walks on her "heaven on earth, Old Orchard Beach": she also enjoys the "fun rides at the end of the pier." At this point you should be asking yourself, "how do I become as cool as Jill?" For starters, you can "constantly fix your eyelashes... only when they bug you" because if you want to be like Jill you need to make sure your eyelashes are looking REALLY NICE. 

Jillian's family is also filled with awesome people. Her Uncle Arthur who "walks through the center of town with a walking stick" has so much swag he needs help carrying all of it around! With "five people including me" living in Jill's house poor uncle Arthur did not make the cut into the coolest house in Norton.

Ms. Blye enjoys "Italian food... most of the time" because she loves the taste and it helps her keep her goddess-like figure. To be as cool as Jillian is a three part process live dangerously, happily, and at least try to be as big of a boss as Jill, even though that is most likely impossible.


  1. I enjoy your interview very much, the way that you conveyed the coolness of Jill really spoke to me. I hope to one day be as cool as Jill.

  2. I liked your post about Jill. It was funny.

  3. First off, loving the eyes lashes. Second your teeth are so white. I love Jiwwy Bean! I could have guessed she loves walks on Old Orchard Beach!