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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Marijuana Research

I am going to choose the topic of the legalization of marijuana. This topic interests me because I have heard a lot of different things about marijuana and want to get to the bottom of the herb. My research question will be along the lines of: What does literature say about the legalization of marijuana?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Possible research questions

1.) What does literature say about the legalization of Marijuana?

2.) Which gender is better at driving according to literature?

3.) Should the firing squad be re-instated according to popular demand?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Biases post

Cognitive biases in writing
Brett Stern

      The United States can be considered a very sensitive country in many areas. One of the biggest controversial topics in the U.S. is abortion. Many people say abortion is murder. Others, say abortion is necessary if the women cannot take care of the child or simply does not want to take car of the child. In the article “There is absolutely no reason to restrict women's options for abortion access” Jessica uses many cognate biases to drive her point across. One Cognitive bias that is evident in her writing is an empathy gap. Jessica says, “We wouldn't (and shouldn't) have to pretend that women who are forced into sex are somehow more deserving of medical care” she is not taking into account how rape victims will react to here basically saying that rape victims do not deserve extra treatment. Several people may disagree with Jessica, but her empathy gap causes her underestimate how strong others feelings can be.


            Ms. Valenti uses attentional bias throughout her article. In her first paragraph she says, “no parental consent laws, no mandated ultrasounds, no waiting periods, no bans on late term abortions and no bans on federal funding for abortion.” She uses the word “no” several times in a row to instill a reoccurring thought into the readers head that there truly should be no restrictions on Birth control. She also uses “I” a lot as well as “in my opinion.” Jessica tells the reader at several points that these are her thoughts, which also uses the false consensus effect. She has a false sense that everyone agrees with her which is not the case because abortion is such a debated topic.

            Jessica uses biases and cognitive effects to both get her point across and persuade the reader.  Abortion is an often debated topic that may be argued about until the end of time. Jessica repeats herself and disregards others emotions at times as an effort to make herself heard. She often looks for approval from her readers and judging by her use of biases, she may have a considerable amount of people on her side. Where do you stand on abortion?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bucket list

As you can see I am extremely excited to eat my T-rex burger. There are 9 patties stuffed in there and I split it with my pal Anthony. After eating my half in about 5 minutues I realized I should have and could have eaten the whole thing. I still enjoy my first ever T-rex burger very much. One thing on my bucket list down 9 to go.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jillian Blye is a senior at NHS and is anything but ordinary. She is a really cool person who enjoys a variety of things. She is so much cooler than everyone else it puts others to shame.

Jillian has ALMOST DIED... when she tried to go parasailing the "pole on the boat broke" this "pole" was the only thing that would have kept Jillian from flying right off the boat had she been strapped onto the parasailing parachute. When asked about her past injuries "I have shin splints... they hurt really bad" pain is just weakness leaving Jillian's body because she is super tough and powered through her injury.

Jillian enjoys long walks on her "heaven on earth, Old Orchard Beach": she also enjoys the "fun rides at the end of the pier." At this point you should be asking yourself, "how do I become as cool as Jill?" For starters, you can "constantly fix your eyelashes... only when they bug you" because if you want to be like Jill you need to make sure your eyelashes are looking REALLY NICE. 

Jillian's family is also filled with awesome people. Her Uncle Arthur who "walks through the center of town with a walking stick" has so much swag he needs help carrying all of it around! With "five people including me" living in Jill's house poor uncle Arthur did not make the cut into the coolest house in Norton.

Ms. Blye enjoys "Italian food... most of the time" because she loves the taste and it helps her keep her goddess-like figure. To be as cool as Jillian is a three part process live dangerously, happily, and at least try to be as big of a boss as Jill, even though that is most likely impossible.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brett Stern
Incentives activity
            Incentives do not always have the same effects on people. Pressure is put on the person offered an incentive, and it is up to them how they handle it. Some people thrive under pressure and use it to motivate them, while others get overwhelmed and crumble. Probably the best incentive to offer people is money because most people enjoy money, and everybody needs it. If someone needs something desperately there is no telling how far people will go to get it.

            I enjoy nature and there is a certain view from the road going to New Hampshire that is amazing. The road comes to a hill and once you reach the top, a range of mountains fills your view. All I can think about when I see it is, skiing through the forest taking in nature and loving every second of it. I enjoy the view very much and truly believe the view, once seen is an “aesthetic experience.”

Monday, September 22, 2014

Bucket Lists

Short-term list

1. Get good grades- This one pretty self explanatory I want to maintain a good GPA in school. 

2. Eat a T-rex burger- 9 patties stacked up at Wendy's... enough said I need it in my stomach.

3. Prove Tyler wrong even more- It is the best feeling in the world when I make Tyler feel like poop because he is always wrong.

4. Listen to MOTM 3- Man on the Moon three will be the greatest composition in all of music and I cannot wait to here it.

5. Go to at least 3 concerts this summer- I am setting my concert number low so that I can shatter through it.

Long-term list

1. Visit a black sand beach- Black sand beaches look cool and I would enjoy to lay and sleep on one.

2. Own a Lamborghini- Everyone says this but I mean it, I will own a lambo one day... I hope.

3. Have a wife and 2 boys- Pretty simple but daughters would be a curse from god.

4. Sky dive- I want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane with a perfectly good parachute. The parachute in really important.

5. Sit in a luxury box at the Superbowl- The tickets would cost a fortune but I would love the experience until I died.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brett Stern
Persuasive Essay

Why Sports Should be in High Schools
            High school sports are a highly debated topic in the US. Arguments for high school sports and against them have their valid points. Many people do not know that high school athletes are held at a higher standard on and off the field, or that they develop the tightest bonds imaginable with their teammates. High school athletes work twice as hard as regular students because they must. A non-athlete’s grades are looked over by their parents and teachers. However, an athlete has their coach also looking at their grades and pushing them to perform better in the classroom. In Ripley’s article “The Case Against High-School Sports” she fails to mention anything about the extra support system sports and coaches give to an athlete. Having an extra set of eyes to oversee a child’s grades can never be considered as a negative thing. Students on sports teams feel obligated to show their coaches good grades.

            There are several standards set in place for athletes to complete before stepping on the field. For instance, if a high school athlete is ever detained by the police for committing a crime that student will be either suspended or even asked to leave there team. In Ripley’s article she does not mention that athletes are held at a higher standard than regular students when it comes to legal actions. A non-athlete will receive whatever consequence the law provides them with and that is all, while an athlete is hit with multiple penalties that can even be considered worse than what the law has to offer. The extra penalty will force athletes to make the right choices, which means that technically, high school sports keep kids out of trouble.

            High school sports are taken very seriously especially in the US. “Sports are a big deal here” is what a foreign exchange student said when she moved here from South Korea. In the United States high school athletes are all working towards the same goal making them teammates and a family. Sports teams are always together for practices, games, charity events, etc. With all the time athletes spend together it is extremely hard to stay angry at one of their teammates. Having friends on a sports team benefits children in school as well because kids can help each other in academic or social situations. It is much easier to learn or get help from somebody you know very well, rather than a random student that knows all the answers. Athletes make friends, and must perform at a higher level than average, non-athlete students making high school sports necessary and encouraged.
Works cited

Ripley, Amanda. "The Case Against High-School Sports." The Atlantic October 2013: 72-78.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why to buy a PS4 article?
Brett Stern

"Sony has gone back to its PlayStation roots. The PS4 is a pure games machine, unencumbered by the media frills that adorn the Xbox One."

"While Sony has obviously done its best to battle test the PS4, it can't anticipate every problem."


 "The PS4 makes it easy to see what your friends are up to, chat and even extend your gaming to a PS Vita."

"Reports of 'blinking blue light of death' that caused some PS4s to shut down due to connectivity problems are nowhere near as catastrophic as the Xbox 360's fatal 'red ring'."


"On paper, the specs show that it's got an eight core x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU, 8GB of DDR5 memory (the Xbox One uses older DDR3), a 500GB hard drive, and a powerful 1.83 TFLOP Radeon GPU."

 "Priced at £349, the PS4 is £80 cheaper than the £429 Xbox One and represents tremendous value for money."

This article can be found at: 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

1. People who do not use their blinkers- People who don't use their blinkers benefit nobody. They save themselves the two seconds of flicking on their blinker but create more danger to themselves and others on the road because they are so lazy.

2. The word "grip"- I do not mean grip as in to grip something, I mean the measurement of time. People say "Wow I haven't done this in a grip." it doesn't make any sense and is very annoying to me for some reason.

3. When someone cuts you off while talking- If someone is talking you should either listen or wait for them to be done talking before you begin to talk. "I'm sorry did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours" no it didn't, it never will.

4. "Phone throwers"- A phone thrower is someone you receive a missed call from and when you call them right back they do not answer! It is almost as if they called you, you did not answer, and then they threw their phone out the window.

5. Loud people in public places- Loud sounds are okay, but loud entire conversations are ridiculous. If somebody wanted to hear what you are saying they would be near you listening, not across the food court trying to eat!

6. People who look for fights- If there is an instance where you need to fight somebody, go ahead. But, you don't need to walk into a room looking to fight somebody because chances are you will end up hitting somebody who did nothing.

7. People who think they are tough but aren't- People need to know their places in life. For instance, I know that I am not the toughest kid in the world but I admit it! Kids who think they are tough but get beat up by everybody are annoying.

8. An uneven camera roll- The camera roll in my phone must ALWAYS have four pictures on the bottom row completing the big box. If I do not have four pictures on the bottom row I will freak out.

9. Myspace adds- I don't even think the creator of Myspace still uses it, so them putting adds on TV is just a waste of everyone's time.

10. Dyed hair on old men- If you are 85 years old and have barely any hair, but yet your hair is jet-black you are not fooling anybody and you look dumb